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Julien C. H. Andersen
A life in faith, love, compassion

and in God

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Our Lady church


Wat Arun 


Wat Phra Kaew


Sri Ganapathy ashram
in Mysore

Do you want to serve Me:

God is One, whether Christian, Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or whatever religion you belong to. All names are His and there is only One God. All people are children of God and men are brothers and sisters, and regardless of skin color, the message is charity.
God is love and He wants us to serve - to love our next. Several times God has come over the years and asked, "Will you serve Me?"   
  The question surprised Julien every time. But he did not hesitate to answer "Yes," even though he did not know what to serve God with.   
  Sometimes Julien had notions that he should sell everything, leave everything and become a monk. A few times he even asked that he move to a monastery and become a monk. But each time God came and told him he should not.  
   It was a mystery to Julien how to serve God. In daily life Julien lived in charity and he sought to serve God. He traveled extensively and visited many poor people, as did many churches and holy places in Europe, Asia and South America, for God is everywhere.  
  Everywhere he has tried to help, for example, by collecting clothes for orphanages or distributing food to beggars.   
  "You must look at other people with the love of the heart," says Julien. "Always help."
    However, the relief work has always been single man projects, for his primary task has been since 2011:
   “Your task is to write and help Christianity through your books.   
  Listen man! I am the prophet
who gives My word through Julien, that you may believe and love one another. It is My command since the dawn of time. Nothing has changed in that. You must distinguish between the sensual and spiritual, the loving and the unloving. Those were the words. "

A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen Jan 2020
Around the sensual and the love, too many people today live in poverty. There are two kinds of poverty.
   1. There is material poverty. Many people on earth live without the most basic needs such as water and food, clothing and roofs, or access to education.
   2. Many live in prosperity. Unfortunately, many live in the extreme poverty caused by a lack of love and compassion for others. And many people fail to explore their own true nature, faith and love.
    Love is staircase: The higher up you go, the more love, the less selfishness, and everyone, like Julien, can walk up the stairs of love and help.
Some of Julien's relief efforts have included:
-England: Work with homeless people and drug addicts in St. Patrick church in Brighton.
-Brazil: Distribution of clothing and medicine in the Amazon.
-India: Distribution of clothing, food and school supplies.
-Denmark: Participated in collections for the Danish Red Cross and Danish Refugee Help, etc., and is a member of the Danish Indian Children's Aid.
Tour guide in England, India, Brazil and the Amazon.
Some of Julien's visits to churches, pilgrimage sites and holy sites include:
-Poland: St. Mary's church in Gdansk.
-Italy: St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice and Milan Cathedral.
-France: Notre Dame, Sacré Couer and the Madeleine Church in Paris, as well as the abbey of Abbaye De Lérins on the island of Saint-Honorat.
-Czech Republic: Prague Dark Church.
-Greece: Panagia Gorgoepikoos and the Mitropolis Cathedral in Athens.
-Spain: Sagrada Familia Barcelona and Montserrat Monastery of Catalonia.
-Austria: Karlskirken, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Kapuzinerkirchen and Votivkirken all in Vienna.
-England: St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, St. Martin in the Fields church In London and St. Patrick church in Brighton.
-Germany: Berlin Dom in Berlin.
-Brazil: The Monastery of Sao Bento Monastery in Rio de Janeiro.
-India: Jam Masjid Mosque and Peace Park in Delhi, Basilica Do Bom Jesus in Old Goa, St Thomas Cathedral and the temples of Mumbai Elephant Island.   
  Sri Chammundeswari Temple and Sri Ganapathy Ashram in Mysore, Mother Amma Ashram in Kerala, as well as Ashram Prasanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi.
-Sri Lanka: Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo.
-Thailand: Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew - Emerald Buddha Temple, Temple of the Reclining Buddha - Wát Pro and Temple Wát Sacred All in Bangkok, as well as Temple of the Great Buddha and Wát Khunaram Temple on Ko Samui.  
-Sweden: Lund Cathedral and Sankt Petri church in Malmö.
-Denmark: Our Lady Church in Copenhagen, Roskilde Cathedral, Saint Mary's Church and Our Lady Monastery in Elsinor, Maribo Cathedral and Mariager Church and Monastery as well as Buldofi Cathedral Ålborg and others.
- Most of the places and many others that Julien has visited, he has prayed and meditated.

About Julien's Spiritual Work:
A place to read about the messages of God and charity is on Facebook page "The house of Love" and here at
  Julien do this to enlighten his work and to help others open to love, transform thoughts, feelings and open to more loving actions towards themselves and others everywhere on earth, as well as offer inspiration and guidance for the spiritual dimension of life.
 The doctrine is not new, it is an old doctrine, but it is forgotten by many.
Julien lives a life of faith, love, compassion and in God. Love is his religion.






St. Peter's Basilica
in Rome

 Abbaye De Lérins on the island of Saint-Honorat.

Montserrat Monastery
of Catalonia.

Westminster Abbey

St. Patrick's church

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